Richard Frieden - Licensed Tour Guide in Israel
Personalised Tours in Israel
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From the very place where hope was birthed, Zion Trails seeks to create a two-way bridge of hope...We accomplish this through tourism, music, story, photography, video, and volunteering in Israel.

Zion Trails embraces the ancient biblical texts found in the Bible.. as true.... these stories that lead us to discoveries which connect us to the land and sovereign nation of Israel with all its diversity of ethnicity, faith and culture. 



Whether we stand in the shadows or in the dark of night,  God our Creator is interceding in the unfolding story of our lives ... your unique story is important..



Discovery can result in an ongoing conversation with each other and with God, our Creator...  it's real, it's uninhibited and free.






Quote of day:  

God our creator is the giver of life and therefore the source of all our hope.