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The Facts





The Facts

Who visits Israel?  3.3 million visited Israel in 2014

During your exciting visit to Israel you will experience open markets, culinary delights, ancient sacred sites and world renown museums. On Zion Trails tours in Israel, you will see Jerusalem, Mount Moriah, the Western Wall, Mount of Olives, the Negev and Arava Desert, the Sea of Galilee (Kinnerrett) where Jesus (Yeshua) called his first disciples...and where ancient Rabbis preserved the word of God. You will see the Golan Heights (Bashan) and stand on one of Israel's volcanic mountain tops (not to worry, it's inactive) with a spectacular view looking out over the very valley where the apostle Paul may have walked on his way to Damascus... it is the same valley where modern Israel experienced some of her fiercest military engagements.  

Regardless of your nationality, ethnicity or religious faith,  there is something for you in Israel!  It's an extraordinary vacation... and loads of fun... a visit to Israel requires flexibility and open heart and mind :-))