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Do Hope


Do Hope 

Do Hope - Promoting Sustainable Hope

Do Hope© is an expression of  'Jerusalem Artists, Musicians and Media'. We are a Jerusalem based Non-Profit for the promotion of the arts and sustainable community initiatives. 

"So that the street does not become their home"

FOUNDED 1999 LOCATION Jerusalem, Israel

PROJECTS Music Project & Teen Youth Club FOOD Relief (for single moms and hot meals for teens)
Emergency Relief and Clothing Relief



Your visit to Israel brings hope and helps others to live and lead better lives. You and your group have an opportunity to connect, impact whilst learning more about Israelis and Israeli soviet.  Combine your visit with volunteering project. 

Your volunteerism brings excellence ... love, faith and hope. 

Your visit to Israel makes a difference!


The music room

The Music Room is a safe and creative environment where teenagers discover hidden talents of music, singing and songwriting, instrument and band practice, performance and recording. 

Our music project is located in cooperation with a community centre in Jerusalem (Kiriyat Yovel). CreativeEnrichment and Empowerment - personal development, music lessons, practice and performance.



JOIN US FOR THE MUSIC ROOM MAKEOVER!!! Your Participation to the MAKEOVER will transform our current classroom into a creative space with acoustics, soundproofing, lighting fixtures and the technology for excellence in music study, practice and recording.